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We got a call about a last minute elopement and were thrilled to hear that Vince & Megan were eloping on Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park! Vince and Megan were high school sweethearts who finally decided to tie the knot. Vince had pursued Megan for awhile before he was able to convince her to go out on a date – but it was clearly worth the wait!


We decided to make a weekend trip out of it and headed out Thursday evening. Though it was the first week of January, the temperatures weren’t too cold and the scenery was as beautiful as can be! After meeting the couple at the lodge at Port Angeles, we decided to make the climb up to Hurricane Ridge. Though the top was completely covered in clouds and fog, we found a stop alongside the road which offered amazing views of the mountains above and canyon below. The day ended at Lake Crescent. We were the only ones around and it was beginning to rain, but the ceremony was perfect. The low-laying clouds and moody feel was beautiful to film and turned out fantastic. This is one of our favorite videos so far!



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